Next Walk In The Park Is Saturday September 24th 2016

Walks In the Park Are Usually On The Last Saturday Of Each Month

You pick up your pup at 8:30 am at the shelter, then we drive to Memorial Park & take a leisurely walk together with the pups. This is not an all day affair, we're usually back at the shelter around 10 am.

While it doesn't take long, the dogs really enjoy it and it helps to make their lives more normal.
The car ride and walk is like a short doggie vacation or cruise to them.

Important - ​You need to be a qualified volunteer or be a guest of one to participate in the dog walk. Please click here to find about becoming a volunteer

Remember to wear shoes with closed toes, please.
Be at the shelter by 8:30 am to leash up your pup.
For more information & to get the volunteer form & waiver click HERE.

Who can resist a walk in the park with a pup

You're missing out on a fun time if you aren't participating in our dog walks at Memorial Park. They are only about an hour but the pups sure love the car rides, a chance see a new place, and sniff some new smells. Everyone has a great time & you'll meet some new friends

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