Volunteer Activities

Cat Cuddlers Needed!

You don't have to cuddle a cat if you don't want to, you could just pet one or play with a kitty. If you'd like to meet some friendly kitties and have fun, stop on by. The catteries are air conditioned so come in and beat the heat.

Dog Walkers Welcome!

Come join PAWS (Pups And WalkerS). All of our dogs need more time on a leash! All sizes of dogs available! The one on one time is invaluable in helping our dogs get adopted. You'll enjoy yourself and get some exercise at the same time!

Do You Need An Acountability Buddy To Help you Exercise & Lose Weight

Did you know that walking is the best overall, single form of exercise you can do? Study after study keep coming back to walking as the best. It's no impact and will shed those extra pounds you might might want to lose. Sure you know it, but either you just can't get started or stick with it.

We have just the ticket for you in the form of wonderful, well behaved, walking companions.

You don't have to adopt a walking companion. Become a volunteer, then just stop by and pick out a walking buddy for that day or week, etc. You can walk at the Humane Society or maybe take your walking buddy for a ride to Memorial Park or the beach.

Warning! This healthy, enjoyable behavior can become addictive.